Team Wittefini takes SOFA

Tina and I concentrate our focus on the luxury interiors market. It's not always our goal to secure events, but we enjoy shooting events that fit within the framework of our spectrum. 

SOFA Chicago is one of those events. It's an art show featuring some of the best -- and most creative -- sculpture, glass, paintings, fiber, etc. 

Two years ago I attended the show for the first time, and Facebooked an update that read, "I'd like to photograph this. It's so inspiring." 

The very next year we got a call from the marketing team asking us to shoot it. On site, the team LOVED Tina -- they thought I was okay -- and asked us back before we left. 

So we came back this year. Knowing what to expect, we were sure to gather some video for ourselves. I threw together the below vLog for your viewing pleasure.