Beautiful near west side Chicago apartment

In March, Tina and I photographed a beautiful near west side apartment for designers Steve + Filip, who are a married interior design dynamic duo based in Chicago. 

We admire and look up to Steve and Filip, because they, like us, work and live side by side, practically 24/7. We've been able to share experiences and stories that affect our worlds in similar ways. Between business ideas and personal, we find our similarities help us with a solid and strengthening bond. 

Steve usually photographs their spaces, which look amazing. Check their site above. But they've used us more and more on projects that might need our expertise on. One reason Steve + Filip chose to work with us is because views outside the windows and the desire to expose the photos with the gorgeous Chicago skyline visible. 

To achieve this, we do a variety of things, namely we try to even the light inside to what it is outside, which is very difficult to make look natural. We also shoot a variety of exposures that we blend together in post. Retouching these photos is incredibly intensive. But the results are worth it. 

We're incredibly proud of the work, and I wanted to publish a few of our favorite photos from the shoot below.